Montessori At Home!

A Complete Guide to DOING

Montessori Early Learning Activities at Home


About the author

John Bowman’s most rewarding work was being a Montessori preschool Teacher and Director. He opened three new Montessori preschool programs; and was the first Director of the Garfield Montessori School in Denver, Colorado. His goals now are to encourage parents to do early learning activities with their children and to show them how.

Author’s note

For many years I was privileged to observe and assist children in their use of Montessori Prepared Environments. I was continually amazed at how fast young children grow and develop while using these learning activities. Eventually, I came to believe that parents could easily provide these experiences for their own children, right at home.

These resources are designed to get you started quickly and easily; but with understanding and an organized plan for doing early learning activities at home. I sincerely hope they are the catalysts for allowing many parents to have the same experiences of observing rapid growth and development in their children that a Montessori Teacher has every day.

Please contact me with any questions and feedback at the email address below. I wish you and your child all the best on your early learning journey of discovery! “