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Easy Montessori Number Rods

Lori at the wonderfully named MontessoriMOMents posted about a quick and easy set of Montessori Number Rods she made at home.


Lori printed out the free Number Rods Control Chart from Montessori Print Shop, then cut the rods and numerals out and laminated them. You could also glue the rods and numerals onto cardboard from a cereal box, then cut out and laminate. Cold laminating pocket sheets from the office supply store eliminate the need for a heat laminator.

This material is perfect for introducing amounts and numerals 0-10 in different ways. The commercial Montessori equivalent has to withstand use by many children over a period of years. Your Number Rods just need to serve your child’s needs, so a quick and easy set like this can work just fine. Nice job, Lori!

Photo: Lori Anderson, MontessoriMOMents



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