Teach Your Preschooler to Read & Write

I am happy to announce a new Kindle eBook for parents: Teach Your Preschooler to Read & Write. This $3.99 eBook contains a complete description of the exact sequence of materials and activities that we used in our Montessori schools to help hundreds of children learn to write and read. To be clear, this eBook does not follow the classic Montessori language sequence. I
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Free Kindle Download

Through 5/31/14, you can download your Kindle copy of Teach Your 3-7 Year Old Math for free as part of a Kindle Select Promotion. This new eBook, also available in paperback on Amazon, details a complete Montessori-style math program parents can use at home. Check it out!

Have fun with math!

I just finished the paperback edition of Teach Your 3-7 Year Old Math (top, Amazon, $7.99), having published a Kindle edition (below, Amazon Kindle Store, $4.99) a few months ago. These books show parents how to make the most of their child’s natural sensitive period to math between ages 3-5, and also help 5-7 year olds who may be struggling with math in school.
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Nice Phonetic Reader App

Two educators, Lynn Klaiman and Sara Hines, have produced a nice iPad phonetic reader app called Rhyme To Read, based on a set of readers they designed about 10 years ago. Since early phonetic reading hasn’t changed much since then, this app is a very nice step for children using iPads who are ready to move from phonetic word building to reading their first phonetic
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Montessori & iPads

I believe high quality educational tablet apps can be positive additions to a young child’s learning experiences. Further, I believe that excellent apps, properly used, perfectly complement the materials in a Montessori school. Tablet apps can significantly enhance one of the most beautiful, powerful ways in which a Montessori environment optimizes children’s development in the years from 3-6. The emails I receive from outraged
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