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Learning to Read & Write

Children are genetically programmed to learn to read. They simply need to develop a logical sequence of skills in an environment where reading is valued and practiced.

Montessori At Home! gives you a common sense, easy to understand and follow program for helping your young child learn to read and write easily and naturally. A reading-friendly environment comes first, followed by using phonics as an introduction. The child is soon moved into learning sight words, followed by reading her first books! Given a year of experience with these activities, it is common to send a child to school reading & writing at a second to third grade level.

The writing activities take your child through a logical skills sequence that culminates with developing a proper writing grasp and writing letters.

Montessori At Home! gives you a proven sequence of Montessori and other activities that will give your child the wonderful confidence that comes with learning to read and write. Your child will enter school with the best possible preparation for success.

Child photos: Shutterstock