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Becoming a Great Home Teaching Parent

If you feel totally comfortable doing early learning activities at home that’s great, go for it. Parents sometimes feel that without special training they might do something wrong or create problems. This is a normal feeling. Montessori At Home! gives you the knowledge, ideas, core concepts and clear directions that will keep you and your child on track. You can be a great Home Teaching Parent.

A feature of Montessori early learning that makes it great for the home is that your child’s ‘Inner Guide’, together with the materials and activities you make, are your child’s teachers. In Montessori, your child learns by hands-on exploration and discovery. You are there to assist, encourage, and offer new things to do.

At the start of Montessori At Home! is a Quick Start Guide. This helps you get started easily and successfully. Follow the steps and you and your child will be on your way.

The Third Edition of Montessori At Home! has comprehensive early chapters on:

Maria Montessori and Early Childhood Education

The Neuroscience of Early Childhood Brain Development

Using Montessori Principles in Parenting, and

A Parent’s Guide to Using Learning Materials At Home

The activities chapters that follow provide you with clear directions on choosing, preparing, demonstrating, displaying, and helping your child use over 300 early learning activities adapted especially for use in the home. Areas covered include:

  • Creating a positive verbal environment
  • Finding activities for your child’s developmental level
  • Ages and Activities Chart
  • The value of encouragement vs praise
  • The importance of independent work and repetition
  • Making & Displaying Your Child’s Learning Materials
  • The Activity Cycle
  • The Three Step lesson
  •  Key points of the Montessori Approach for Parents

Most of what you need to know to be successful is summed up in a simple sentence:

 Be patient, be positive, and encourage your child’s efforts!

The many rewards come as you help your child acquire strong brain architecture, a positive self-image, a true love of learning, and early math, reading, writing, and science skills – a wonderful preparation for success in school. You will see your child developing rapidly and know that you played a vital role. You will always remember that you gave your child an excellent preparation for life during the critically formative early years.

Parents make great home Montessori teachers – give it a try!