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To Parents of Preschoolers

It’s been about a month since the holidays. How many of the disposable plastic toys you bought your child are broken or quietly adding to the tonnage of discarded, colorful plastic in your child’s toy box, closets, and dresser drawers? If that hasn’t happened yet, it likely will soon. Disposable, latest craze plastic toys are like sugary treats and cereals. They hook children on
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Art appreciation for kids – on a budget

I just read a blog post about a series of books containing a multi-step art appreciation program for preschoolers. For $75-100, you can introduce your 4-6 year old to fine art and the names of famous artists! Deb and her blog are the best, but this post cries out for budget-friendly alternatives. A C-note is no biggie for parents flush with cash. Of course,
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Grace and Courtesy, covered!

If you have been shopping or in a restaurant where there are parents and children, you will probably agree that many kids could use some basic instruction in grace and courtesy – what we used to simply call manners. Talk about early childhood education usually centers around practical life, games, art, math, and reading. Helping children from their earliest years to become socially skilled
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Early Learning Ideas for Christmas

If you are shopping for a preschooler this holiday season, you will be deluged with an avalanche of choices in the ‘disposable plastic toys’ category. These toys are like sugary treats for your child’s brain. They deliver a fast rush of excitement and interest, followed by a crash of boredom, after which your child starts begging for the Next Big Thing. Soon, your home
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Montessori Activity Demonstrations

Like all Montessori teacher trainees, we spent a lot of time learning intricate, multi-step presentations for the materials in the Prepared Environment. “Step 14: Grasp the shoelace with your subdominant hand and create an X across the other shoelace,” etc. We memorized multi-step presentations for all the materials; and made up extensive albums to carry on with us. These presentations represented a large part
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